Doing business in Medical Sales boom

Doing business in Medical Sales boom

Not much sign on a recession on around here!

We have noticed a boom within Medical Sales with an increase in the amount of jobs particularly in the last 3 weeks!

There is always a rush up to Christmas and the nice new plum job for the new year, but this year is as busy as any at this time.

For Medical sales Reps out there within the Irish Medical sales grapevine, the news is good!

There is a new forum launched recently  –

This forum is set up as a bulletin board/chat room for all Medical professionals and there is a section for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Reps to chat and vent.

There has been some recent evidence of redundancies, but not many compared to the variety of vacancies becoming available.

Particular busy areas are with Devices and Equipment.

Busiest territories are Dublin, Leinster and Cork.

Salaries are ranging from €42k – €52k for Medical Sales Representatives with a min of 2 years relevant experience.

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