Medical Sales jobs are much sought after.  That is because success in Medical Sales usually means excellent rewards when compared to other Sales areas.

Getting a Medical Sales job is not easy without both previous sales experience and a medical/science background.  You could be the best car salesperson in the country but without medical knowledge it is unlikely that you will do well in Medical Sales.  That said, it is possible to learn the relevant medical facts.  In fact, there are a few companies that specialise in training non-Medical sales reps specifically for Medical sales jobs.

One such Medical Sales Training company is Medrep (click the link for more info).

For Medical professionals wishing to start a career in Medical Sales the problems are no less great.  For a Medical Sales Job you need to be able to sell.  Personality will get you a long way but absolute determination to is required to get in.

Such is the competition for Medical Sales Jobs that you can be sure that you will be up against seasoned Medical Sales Representatives when it comes to being interviewed.  It is extremely expensive for a company to run a Medical Sales Representative and they can ill afford to make bad judgement calls when it comes to hiring Medical Sales staff.

A few things you can do to better your chances of success include:

  • Join the MRII as a student Member (Medical Representatives Institute of Ireland)
  • Undertake a Sales Training Course.  A specific Medical Sales Training course is naturally preferable.
  • Go out on the road with a working Medical Sales Rep. By Shadowing a Medical Sales representative, you will learn an enormous amount about the job and what it entails.  Ask plenty of questions and produce a written report at the end of your day.  Go out with several reps if you can manage it.
  • Do research on a product and practice selling it in front of a mirror.  Do this repeatedly and it will work wonders for you.

You can assume that you will apply for several Medical Sales jobs before you are called for an interview.  When it comes to preparing for a Medical sales interview bear three words in mind. These are Research, Research and Research.  Know everything there is to know about the company and the products you will be likely to sell as a Medical Sales Representative and practice selling them and yourself repeatedly.  Above all be enthusiastic about the job.  If you can show that you really want to be a Medical Sales Rep, beyond all doubt, then you may just be in with a chance of nailing that interview.  If you do get it right you will have at least one more interview and for Medical sales jobs it is not unheard of to have up to four interviews.

Medical Sales Jobs have not yet been hit hard by the economic downturn.  While Medical Sales Representatives are understandably worried at the moment, the advantage of having a Medical Sales job is that as long as you are able to justify your existance by bringing in revenue for your company your job should be secure.  There is added security in Medical Sales jobs because, lets face it, people are not going to stop getting sick.  While the market may dip for a while it has to bounce back because the products you will be selling are vital to the running of any medical establishment.

Medical Sales jobs are probably the most secure sales jobs in the country at this point in time.

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