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Something which tends to cause some confusion for my Candidates in my line of work is the difference between Medical Sales jobs and Pharmaceutical Sales jobs.

I am asked this regularly.

There is a world of difference between Medical Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales.

Medical Sales Reps details predominantly to Hospitals, Community and Clinics

Pharmaceutical or Pharma Reps detail to GP’s predominantly, but can also detail into Hospitals.

Medical Sales Reps detail Products – eg Dressings, mattresses, catheter bags or Angiography stents

Pharmaceutical Reps detail dr ugs – Pharmaceuticals – eg – paracetemol or solpadeine

The Medical Sales process tends to be slower and reliant on a deeper rapport which is slow building – you may have to do a breakfast presentation meeting to a Team of 30 Cardio Vascular NCHD’s – Non Consultant Hospital Doctors or to 3 Consultants.

The Pharmaceutical Sales process is very quick – you may have 3 minutes to tell a GP about your Pharmaceutical.

Medical Sales has a larger territory as there are only so many Hospitals in a given area.

Pharmaceutical Sales has a much smaller territory as there are so many GP’s in an area.

For now, I hope this helps.

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