Medical Sales jobs

Medical Sales jobs

in Dublin are still a very busy area in Medical Recruitment.

So far in 2009, we have seen as many Medical Sales jobs comign in as 2008 and 2007.

Some of the differences now are that Medical Sales Managers are seeking 3rd level education as a pre requisite and it needs to be a relevant Degree in a Life Science or Nursing.

2-3 years relevant Medical Sales experience is also sought by Companies in the Medical and Healthcare field for Medical Sales jobs in Dublin

There are speciality areas within Medical which will dictate the kind of experience sought eg – Respiratory, A&E, Diabetes or Cardiovascular and these generally seek Specialist Nurses from these fields.

Training is also being required now from ‘Rookie’ Reps and the most popular and best Medical Sales Training Company in Ireland is Medrep –

Outside of that, membership of the MRII – Medical Representatives Institute of Ireland is also required for Medical Sales jobs in Dublin or Ireland

The other types of backgrounds that are looked for within Medical Sales jobs in Dublin and Ireland would be Pharmacy technicians, Radiographers, Physiotherapists and Allied Health Professionals.

Hope this helps.

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