Medical Sales Reps 2009

Medical Sales Reps 2009

Things are changing slowly in the world of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales in Ireland.

The indicators for 2009 are good for those with experience but unfortunately, becoming harder for those without.

Training for Medical Sales is becoming an essential part of the applicants process.

Up to 2 years ago it was possible to get into Medical Sales with some relevant experience, not so anymore as we move into the Medical Sales outlook for 2009.

Since 2008, it has become essential to have a 3rd level Degree – preferrably Life Science or Nursing.

Also, Medical Sales Managers are now seeking further relevant Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales Training courses.

The main reason for this is the cost of a ‘Rookie’ Rep for a Medical or Pharmaceutical Company is on average €70k.

Sales Managers will not be too keen on taking risks for ‘Rookies’ who do not work out and end up costing the Company money.

Therefore, the outlook in 2009 for Medical Sales is Training, training and more training!………. relevant Medical Sales training.

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