Medical Sales Rep

Medical Sales Rep

Hi guys,

A few interesting events this week in Medical sales.

A notable one was when one of my Medical Sales Candidates turned up for his interview and had to deal with unexpected interruptions.

Interviewer number 1 left the room twice as he had to answer his phone as the calls were urgent.

Interviewer 2 was delayed and turned up half an hour late.

The poor guy in the interview did not know if he was coming or going.

This was an interview for Medical Sales and he was wondering if they were doing it on purpose to test him as part of his job would be selling into Hospital Consultants who can be called away when their bleeps go off.

That was not the case.

He was doing a Power Point Presentation and found the whole interview very unsettling and could not get his teeth stuck in with the various interruptions.

The moral of the story is ‘Be prepared for the unexpected at interviews’ – anything can happen and you need to keep your head and still give it 100%

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