Watch your CV!

Watch your CV!

Hi guys,

Something that is coming up a little too often currently is the practice of Recruitment Agencies sending CV’s to prospective employers without the jobseekers knowledge or consent.

If you are working with a Medical Recruitment Agency, some guidelines to remember

  • Work with 3 max who you know and trust
  • Ensure you know at all times where your CV is being sent – ask to be informed first and to be given the Company name and details before you agree or disagree to it being sent
  • Remember Recruitment Agencies work for you on your behalf and represent you.
  • You are in charge of this process
  • It refelcts badly on you, the jobseeker, if your CV is received more than once to the same Company
  • Refer to the National Recruitment Federation – NRF – for Code of Practice – guidelines on how you should be treated by an Agency

Good luck!

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