Looking For A Medical Sales Job? Don't loose control of the job seeking process!

Looking For A Medical Sales Job? Dont lose control of your CV in the job seeking process!

Medical Sales as a sector has become ever more competitive over the last 12 months.

Always a difficult sector to break into, the recession has led to an increased number of Medical Sales Professionals at all levels entering the market place.  While there was always movement in the market, the recession and with it redundancies have made it much harder for rookie reps to gain a foothold.

Indeed, for the seasoned Medical Sales Rep life in the jobs market has never been tougher.

The news is not all bleak though.  There are still Medical Sales Jobs available.

Caution is recommended when applying for jobs now more than ever.  Be sure to use only reputable recruitment agencies.  Companies have had enough of CV’s arriving on their desk more than once.  Treat your CV like your bank details.  Make sure that your CV will not be sent anywhere without your expressed consent for each and every job.

It is illegal for a recruitment agency to pass on your details without your expressed consent.  This is sometimes covered by a “blanket” question of “Can I send your CV forward for any suitable jobs?”.  Always answer with a definitive “NO!”.  Why?  You should be tailoring your CV and cover letter for each job you apply for.  Every position has slightly differing requirements and you should be highlighting in your CV where your experience meets these requirements.  It is not ok to send exactly the same CV forward to different companies.

This does not mean that you should lie on your CV in any way.  It merely means that your highlighted points should be absolutely relevant to the position you are applying for.

Medical Sales jobs do not grow on trees.  Do not sell yourself short.  Take full control of your CV… where it goes and in what format.  Good luck.

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