Do you crave your next big sale?

How bad are your cravings for your next sale?

To misquote Shakespeare, “Shall I compare thee to a heroin addict”?

You wake up in the morning, and all you are thinking about is the next sale (hit).  You make your first call.  If you don’t manage to close (score) the deal then that horrible feeling (withdrawal) starts to kick in.

Same again on your second call?  A wave of panic sweeps over you.  It doesn’t matter how seasoned you are, a deal not closed is not good for the nervous system.

How many unsuccessful calls can you make before desperation takes hold? (how long can you go without a hit?).

The question is, do you start to resort to exactly the same habits as an actual heroin addict?  Does desperation tempt you to lie, make false promises, make false claims about your product, or put down the competition.  Do you tell yourself that it’s just a white lie, it’s ok just this once if it helps you get that sale (hit).

Oh, getting that sale (hit), the euphoria.  The world is a better place, you are king of all you survey.  The nerves settle and you start planning your next sale (hit).

I’m pushing the comparison too far.  I do not think that the average heroin addict does any sort of territory management and has no clients to research.  Most importantly any Medical Representative who wishes to survive in the industry will never tell lies or bend the truth about their products.

Why did I say 98% in the title?

Because some reps don’t seem to care, they have no passion.  They are marking time.  The sales do not make them elated, it’s just a job.  When you find yourself in this position it is time to find another career.  You can not be a good Medical Sales rep without passion.

You can have the ‘hunger’ of an addict, but not use the methods of an addict.  Sales is a tough game when it is not going well, but it’s the best career in the world when you close a big deal or get a new account.

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