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Anyone out there currently trying to get into Medical Sales or attending Medical Sales interviews

Your Power Point should be Perfect

Your Power Point should be Perfect

 – be prepared for giving a Power Point Presentation at your 2nd or 3rd interview stage and do not fall in to the ‘No No’ trap.

Unfortunately, someone attended a 2nd interview in recent weeks and had to give the said Power Point Presentation (PPP) on the Product they hoped to sell.

Unfortunately, there were spelling and grammatical errors on the PPP.

Instantly, the interviewers got the impression the interviewee was  –

  1. Not interested in the job
  2. Careless
  3. Had poor attention to detail
  4. Was rushed

On this basis, he was unsuccessful.

This would have been easily avoided and should not have happened.

Ensure you get at least 2 people to see your PPP before giving it and run the spell check in case as in this day and age, spelling mistakes are unforgivable.

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