Patience and Persistence required

Patience and Persistence required

Good morning,

I ask this question – Medical Sales In or Out? because of the current market trends.

There are an increasing number of potential or ‘Rookie’ Medical Sales Reps seeking to get in to this arena but now the odds are stacking up against them within this field.

Medical Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales are becoming more competitive by the day in this market for 2 reasons –

  1. Redundancies are being made within the Sales Teams creating an over flow of readily available Medical Sales Rep in the market
  2. With the market downturn, alot of people from other sectors, general Sales, marketing, accounting, Banking, IT etc are all trying to jump on the ‘Medical Sales Rep’ bandwagon.

As a result, Sales Managers are becoming tougher and harder to please as they do have the pick of the crop in this market.

Two words to remember when considering this area for a new career –



Only those who have these 2 in abundance will now survive the long waiting list to enter into Medical Sales.

If you have it, stay In, if not, stay Out.

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