Medical Sales interview success

Medical Sales interview success

There is a method of interviewing called – STAR – which can give you the edge at your interview.

As Medical Sales becomes more competitive, people are finding it very difficult to even get close to an interview stage and ask me regularly, what can make the difference once they finally get an interview.

This is one technique I have happened upon during my research and it is another version of the very important – ‘Don’t tell me – show me’ imperative in a Sales interview.

S – Situation – A background to a situation you were involved in

T – Task – Describes the taks involved in this situation

A – Action – What did you do to manage or rectify this situation

R – Result of your actions

This will be most relevant in Competency based interviews and helps you to stay focussed and clear in your answers rather than deviating which is the number one complaint made by Medical Sales Managers in relation to interviews.

90% of interviewees do not answer the question asked and this is frustrating for the interviewers.

If you focus on the STAR technique – this will help you to be clear, give details and be comprehensive with facts.

Best of luck!

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