Dont tell me - show me

Dont tell me - show me

Don’t tell me, show me is something most Sales Managers require when interviewing for Medical Sales people.

All too often, when asked some of the common questions in an interview eg –

  1. What qualities do you have that would suit Medical Sales?
  2. What would your Mother/Best friend say about you as a person?

The interviewee tends to go for the list type answer – ie

  1. I am friendly, patient, persistent etc etc

This is not what they want to hear – anyone can go for an interview and give a list of qualities –

What they want are examples – evidence –

Dont tell me – show me –

This means that instead of saying ‘I am patient, kind etc etc, instead you say –

I am a persuasive and patient person and I know this because ……………..

Always give examples and back up what you are saying.

Sales Managers, interviewers are twice as likely to remember you and your information if you can paint the picture for them.

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