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Looking Good!

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Looking Good is essential for Medical Sales. Unfortunately, there was an occasion this week where a Nurse turned up for a Medical Sales Rep interview but did not take care with her appearance. The feedback from the Sales Manager was that he could not see her representing the Company if

Interview Sickness!

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Sick before an interview and don’t know what to do?Interview sickness can happen to all of us. Contact your Recruitment Agent or interviewer and explain the situation. There is the chance they will be compassionate about the situation and reschedule. There is nothing worse than attending an interview genuinely sick, all the

Sell More – get motivated

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If you were not motivated by money you would not be in sales.  Nothing beats the feeling of exceeding your targets. In most organisations making the sale is the primary motivator for sales staff.  How can you make more money? In Medical Sales, the products you sell have a very