Get more motivation than the cash carrot provides.

Get more motivation than the cash carrot provides.

If you were not motivated by money you would not be in sales.  Nothing beats the feeling of exceeding your targets.

In most organisations making the sale is the primary motivator for sales staff.  How can you make more money?

In Medical Sales, the products you sell have a very real positive effect on the end consumer (the patient).  You are in the unique position of selling products that can literally save somebodies life.  Presumably you believe in the product you sell.  You know its Features, Advantages and Benefits.  You know your SPIN and you know how to close a sale.  What is your motivation though?  Is it just the money?

To make more sales try focusing more on trying to benefit the people your products are used on.  The more of your product you sell, the more peoples lives you are having a direct impact on.  That is something to be passionate about.  If the product was to be used on you, would you want that product or a competitors product?  If you don’t mind either way, then perhaps your product line is not for you.  If you want it to be the product you sell, then why is anything else good enough for other people.

You are Medical Sales Professionals.  You know where this is going.  Putting yourself in the position of the end user creates a passion about the product.  That comes across when you are selling it.  Take it personally.  Show that it means more to you than just another sale.  People buy from people.  People buy from people who display passion about a product.  It just adds more weight to your words.

In a recession it is tempting to go for any job.  Sometimes it is necessary.  To excel in your job you have to believe.  You can’t fake that. If you can, hold out for products that you really feel something about.  Product that inspire you, that you can see will make a real difference.  The gift of the gab, the ability to sell sand to Arabs is not enough any more.

Get out there and sell more.  Use the people you help to get motivated.  As a nice spin off you will be making more money. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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