Don't Suffer through it

Don't suffer through it!

SickĀ beforeĀ an interview and don’t know what to do?Interview sickness can happen to all of us.

Contact your Recruitment Agent or interviewer and explain the situation. There is the chance they will be compassionate about the situation and reschedule.

There is nothing worse than attending an interview genuinely sick, all the time wondering when it is safe to bolt for the nearest exit! If you’re not sure you can survive the 30 minutes of concentration, then don’t sit there and suffer.

Chances are if you are sick before an interview and take the risk of going, the interview will not go well. You will most likely be more conscious of your illness rather than answering the questions asked of you and whether it is a first or second interview, you will not leave a good impression.

In short, let someone know. If you are dealing with an Recruitment Agent, call them and explain the situation. They will have full sympathy and explain the situation to the interviewer. Your interview man be rescheduled to a later time or date. Everyone gets sick at some stage!

On the other hand, if it is simply nerves this does not apply!

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