Medical Sales Success

Medical Sales Success

Who makes it in Medical Sales?

It takes various skills and personality traits to become a successful Medical Sales Rep.

Primarily, people with a base Degree in Life Science or Nursing.

Followed by good Corporate and Commercial acumen, preferrably with some Medical Sales experience or courses/knowledge.

The rest is down to Personality type – the most sought after personal traits that Medical Sales Managers seek would be –

Knowledgeable about Company, Product Portfolio and Competitors

Professionalism – look sharp, be sharp


Dilligence – this job takes serious hard work, early starts and weekend conferences etc


Attitude – having the right attitide towards the job, company and the people you are selling to is vital

Sense of humour

Knowing when to say ‘I don’t know’ – there is nothing worse than a Sales person who does not know the answer but tries bluffing

In short, Medical Sales is a very worhwhile career, but not for the faint hearted –

If you are willing to work very hard, put the time and effort in, it will pay

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