Be prepared for your Power Point Presentation

Be prepared for your Power Point Presentation

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail – we have all heard this expression before but it cannot be underestimated.

Just this week, a very unfortunate incident of this cost a job seeker their job in Medical Sales.

This Medical Sales interview process was going well for her and she had progressed to 2nd stage and was the leader of the group.

On arrival at her second interview, she brought her PPP (Power Point Presentation) on a Laptop but not on a memory stick and unfortunately, the Company were only set up for a memory stick and it took 20 mins for them to accommodate her mistake and set her up to do her PPP.

Needless to say – a very poor start to a final interview.

At Medical Sales interviews the Sales Manager and interviewers will always be watching the interviewee as the Client they would be selling to would.

A critical error like this told the Medical Sales Manager that this girl was not prepared for every eventuality and therefore careless and lacking in planning.

Planning, forward thinking and professionalism are essential in Medical Sales.

If you go in to a meeting with a group of Consultants in a Hospital to detail your Products and an error like this happens, they will not tolerate it as they do not have the time to wait 20 mins until you try to undo your mistake.

This Company have now ruled her out of this job on this basis.

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail!

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