Using power Point

Using power Point

For those of you in Medical Sales or trying to get in to Medical Sales, the Power Point Presentation is one skill you will be exposed to and have to master.

All Medical Sales interviews require a Presentation at 2nd or 3rd round and Power Point is the expected method of presentation.

Here are some simple guidelines around presenting on Power Point –

  • No more than 15 slides
  • Stand to the side – do not block the screen
  • Do not clutter your slides – less is more
  • Use some pictures or charts to liven them up
  • Choose very large font – easy to read
  • Slides should not be busy
  • When presenting, use the slidesĀ as a reference rather than reading from them – have your own notes to refer to relevant to each slide
  • Know your presentation thoroughly – practice it’s delivery at least 10 times in front of a mirror or a friend before your interview day
  • Ensure you have 2 methods of delivery in case the interviewers hardware malfunctions
  • Ensure you give out a handover to all the interviewers after the presentation
  • Always allow 5 mins for questions after the presentation
  • Keep your head up and speak clearly
  • SmileĀ 

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