Would you believe it?

Would you believe it?

Would you believe it?

There are Medical Sales Reps out there who will allow one person’s opinion dictate their career while seeking a new Medical sales job!

Twice recently I have had conversations with Medical Sales job seekers who were not interested in having their CV sent to 2 different Medical Companies due to other people’s opinions on these Companies.

I was shocked as I know both companies very well and have worked with them for many years and they are both outstanding and I was able to allay their fears and discount the opinions based on evidence.

They had heard rumours and someone’s opinion and had decided based on that without doing any research of their own, these Companies were not worth considering.

This also happened 2 years ago with a well known Multinational Medical Device Company and a Nurse with Medical Sales experience in the same Therapuetic Area this Company were seeking.

She had spoken to one person previously about this Company and their opinion nearly cost her the job.

In a nutshell, as it was a Client I have worked with for many years in Medical Recruitment, I was in a strong position to advise her what she had heard was completely untrue – she eventually decided to go for it and make up her own mind throughout the recruitment process.

She is still with that Company 2 years later and has just won a prestigious Sales Person of the Year Award with them and is very happy.

Had she listened to one person’s opinion, it would have cost her this job.

Do not let this happen to you, when applying for Medical Sales jobs, do not let one person’s opinion decide your career for you.

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