Listen to the questions askedMedical Sales Managers are frustrated at the fact that a staggering over 60% if interviewees do not answer the question asked at Medical Sales interviews.

This can be put down to nerves as our listening skills don’t tend to be so fine tuned when we are hyper ventilating, perspiring or only hearing our heart beat in our head.

However, not good enough!


It is a simple yet vital tip to remember when attending for a Medical Sales interview to slow down and listen.

When questions are asked, it is advised to count to three before you answer.

This increases the possibility of fully taking in the questions asked rather then knee jerking a response.

It is also advised to ask and clarify the question asked if you are in any way unsure.

Take your time, breathe slowly and deeply.

Nobody ever got rejected at interview stage for taking their time to answer questions

However, people do get rejected at interview stage  far too often for poor listening skills and not answering the question aksed.

Remember – an interview is a sales process and if is it for a Medical Sales job, you can be sure the Manager is assessing your listening/communication skills to see what kind of a Sales person you are.

It is an astonishing yet important fact to remember that over 60% of interviewees do not answer the questions asked, if it is something we are aware of, we can do something about it.

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