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Standing out from the crowd in Medical Sales

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In todays market – you need to ‘stand out from the crowd’ in Medical Sales. These are the times when Medical Sales Managers are examining their Sales force for achievements and targets as cuts are being made. Those who ‘Stand out’ are the ones not losing out. This is also

Don’t forget to ‘close’ your Medical Sales interview

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Don’t forget to ‘close’ your Medical Sales interview. Many of our Medical Sales Managers are frustrated by the lack of closing the Medical Sales Reps use at their interview. This is particularly important for less experienced Medical Sales Reps or those trying to enter in to this field for the

It’s encouraging news for Medical Device Companies in Ireland

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Some key Irish Medtech facts/ figures: There are currently 250 medical technology companies in Ireland, exporting €7.2b worth of product annually and employing 25,000 people – the highest number of people working in the industry in any country in Europe, per head of population. Exports of medical devices and diagnostics

Appearing confident at interview

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Appearing confident is both essential and a winner in a Medical Sales interview. We have had a number of disappointed Medical Sales Candidates over the years being told at their post interview feedback that they did not appear ‘confident’ enough. Understandably, in Sales, this is off putting for Medical sales

The day of the ‘Rookie’ Medical Sales Rep has gone

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Unfortunately, the day of the ‘Rookie’ Medical Sales Rep has gone. This is very apparent in current times when Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies are recruiting. 3 years ago it was sufficient to have a Medical or Life Science Degree and a Medical Sales course. Or A Nursing qualification with