Confidence in a smile at interview

Confidence in a smile at interview

Appearing confident is both essential and a winner in a Medical Sales interview.

We have had a number of disappointed Medical Sales Candidates over the years being told at their post interview feedback that they did not appear ‘confident’ enough.

Understandably, in Sales, this is off putting for Medical sales Managers who will observe their interviewees for their Sales ability.

Medical Sales is all about knowledge, passion and confidence

Here are some of the way you can appear more confident at your interview –

  • Dress sharply
  • Shake hands with a firm grip
  • Concentrate on controlling your breathing
  • Stand, walk or sit up straight
  • Be passionate about the job, Company, yourself and the Products
  • Talk clearly
  • Take your time answering the interview questions so you ensure you have heard it correctly
  • Smile at evey appropriate moment – very endearing
  • Have an open and engaging posture – ie hands open, shoulders straight and head up
  • Do not fidget
  • Knowledge and research will help in building confidence – if you have researched well, you will be more prepared
  • Interview yourself in the mirror before hand to watch how you come across and your body language
  • Listen twice as much as you talk
  • Take your time
  • Have researched, prepared questions to ask at the end
  • Close the interview at the end – asking ‘when will I hear next’/what is the next stage?’ etc

You may be a confident person normally, but fall down at interview – this will unfortunately end up with you being penalised – so use the above advice and ensure when you next have a Medical Sales interview that you concentrate on appearing more confident

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