Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

Don’t forget to ‘close’ your Medical Sales interview.

Many of our Medical Sales Managers are frustrated by the lack of closing the Medical Sales Reps use at their interview.

This is particularly important for less experienced Medical Sales Reps or those trying to enter in to this field for the first time.

A Medical Sales Manager in an interview process sees it as a Sales process and observes the interviewee for their selling ability.

There is no point in spending half an hour of an interview selling yourself to the Company and then walking out the door without securing the sale

See your interview as a Sales Process.

You would not walk in to a Hospital Consultant having spent 6 months securing an appointment, do a great Sales pitch and walk out of the room without asking for the business –  ‘sealing the deal’

See your Medical sales interview in the same light.

A Sales Manager is watching you to see if you will ‘close’ at the end of the interview and is frustrated if you do not.

Suggestions for ‘Closing at interview’ are –

  1. When will I hear?
  2. How did I do?
  3. What is the next stage?
  4. Do you need any further clarification on anything?
  5. When do I start? ( not for the faint hearted! – be careful, fine line and you may appear cocky)
  6. What can I expect next?

You should be walking out of a Medical Sales interview knowing exactly when you will hear and what happens next –

This means you have ‘closed’ your interview well.

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