Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

In todays market – you need to ‘stand out from the crowd’ in Medical Sales.

These are the times when Medical Sales Managers are examining their Sales force for achievements and targets as cuts are being made.

Those who ‘Stand out’ are the ones not losing out.

This is also important in Medical Sales interviews.

Those who come in having demonstrated any of the following are the ones getting to the 2nd interview or getting the Medical sales job –

  • Prepare above and beyond what is expected ie dont just learn off the Company website – go out and into the Hospitals, talk to the Specialist Nurses and get the ‘inside track’ on the particular products – go out of your way
  • Shine your shoes and file your nails! – yes, gromming is commented on often!
  • Know everything there is to know about the competitors – knowing the Company who is interviewing is not enough
  • Think ‘outside the box’ and come up with original ideas

In relation to working as a Medical Sales Rep – those who ‘go out of their way’, achieve targets and go about over achieving are the ones being saved currently.

It is not enough today to just do your job – it is unsafe.

It is safer to go above and beyond the call of duty so you become irreplaceable

So remember in todays market of redundancies and cut backs – you must ‘Stand out from the crowd’ in your Medical Sales job AND in your Medical Sales interview

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