Getting in to Medical Sales

Getting in to Medical Sales

How do I get in to Medical Sales?

This is a question we are asked many times a day, one which any good Medical Recruiter should be able to answer.

Not an easy one to answer either as it depends on each individual asking.

In a nutshell, getting a job in Medical Sales was alot easier up to 5 years ago, especially for Nurses.

As long as you had your Nursing/Medical background, you had a chance.

That was 5 years ago!

You then went in as a ‘Rookie’ where Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Companies took you under their wing and trained you up in to the job.

How things have changed!

Does this happen anymore, will any Medical/Pharma Company train up a ‘Rookie Rep’ any more?


So, nowadays, how do I get in to Medical Sales?

Short answer – with alot of difficulty!

Long answer –

The following is the current list of essential requirements to apply for a Medical Sales job in Ireland –

  1. You must have a Life Science/Medical/Nursing Degree to start with
  2. A minimum of 2 years Medical Device/Pharma Sales experience (leading to the all too familiar cry of ‘but how do I get that’?
  3. A full and clean, manual driving license
  4. Contacts, there is still an element of ‘who you know’ in Ireland and if you are well established in a Medical sector and well known by Senior Decision makers – ie Hospital Consultants, you may have a chance without the Sales experience. Contacts are all important in Medical Sales – Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) – ie the decision makers are all important, the more you know, the better you know them, the better your credibility
  5. Do you know who to get to in a Hospital and how to get to them – ie Procurement and Senior buyers
  6. Do you have the full flexibility for a Medical Sales job which may cover 26 or 32 counties? – ie over night stays and weekend exhibitions and conferences up to 8 times a year
  7. Do you have that same amount of flexibility around the hours you work per day? – this is definitely NOT a 9-5 job – you may start @ 7am or finish @ 8pm – so if you have small children and creche runs to do, this may not be the job for you
  8. This job is not for the feint hearted, it takes passion, persistence and patience to become and remain a successful Medical Sales Rep
  9. Are you a student Member of the MRII – Medical Reps institute of Ireland?
  10. Have you attended Medical Sales Training courses? – there is no use turning up for a Medical sales interview trying to convince the hiring manager you want to be a Medical Sales Rep without a strong chain of evidence with you

The list is exhaustive, suffice to say, if you do not have 3 out of the first 4 on that list of essential requirements for a Medical Sales Rep, then perhaps it is time to consider an alternative career

Your Medical Recruitment Agency should be able to advise you.

For further information, go to Medical Sales Tips

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