A Recruitment No No

A Recruitment No No

Why are Recruiters failing our Medical Sales Candidates?

In an interview on Today FM’s The Last Word 2 days ago, Jane Downes, career coach and author of “The Career Book: Help For The Restless Realist” gave the results of a recent survey of jobseekers and their experience of the recruitment process –

77% of people surveyed said they received “absolutely no communication from a company/Agency after sending in their CV to an advertised position”

Whether you are a Medical Company or a Medical Recruiter – the faults are the same – and we are failing our Medical job seekers (Candidates)

40% of candidates experienced an “unacceptable time lapse” between responses to a first-round interview and receiving a second interview.

An “unacceptable time” considered was 2-3 weeks

Yet another shocking finding of this survey was that 28% of respondents experienced a “noticeable lack of respect or understanding from the interviewing panel”, and felt “their situation wasn’t being listened to or acknowledged”.

This can refer again to the Medical Recruitment Agency or a Medical Company

Downes says that interviewed candidates felt the interviewers showed “no sense of empathy to their situation”

Not understanding our Candidates simply implies we are not very good at what we do.

21% of active jobseekers have applied for 30 or more jobs over a twelve month period

In todays tough jobs market, this is totally unacceptable and unprofessional practice in Recruitment in Ireland.

What can we do to improve this for our Medical Candidates?

We, as Medical Recruiters are in the privileged position to help our Medical Sales Candidates to find suitable jobs and if we cant, we need to be upfront and honest.

It takes time and effort to apply for a job but not alot of time from us to at least acknowledge an application

Our Candidates are a vulnerable group of people who have lost jobs, are unhappy in their job or are wishing to relocate, just some of the many reasons people can be looking for a job – all of them serious and stressful.

Take them seriously and take the time to understand them

There is no doubt there has been a huge increase in unsuitable applications coming through due to the current economy –

This is NOT the time to treat job seekers with such disrespect, the increase in applications does not excuse the decrease in standards.

We owe our Candidates a professional service – they owe us nothing.

It takes little time to thank someone for their CV and reject politely stating why.

Candidates wish to be kept informed through an interview process – again, not much to ask?

As an interview is of such huge signifigance to our Candidates, the least we can do is to keep them in the loop between interviews – even if we know nothing and the delay is caused by the Medical company, keep the Candidate informed – they will appreciate it.

These recent facts about how we are failing our Candidates need to be noticed and paid attention to and most importantly, rectified.

For further information, go to the guide on using Recruitment Agencies

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