What is next after Medical Sales?

What is next after Medical Sales?

We get asked this question by Medical Sales Reps alot – ‘what’s next after Medical Sales’?

Reasons for wanting a change or to get out of Medical Sales –

  1. Territory too big
  2. Life balance
  3. Burnt out
  4. Redundancy
  5. Management change
  6. Have been a Medical Rep for 5 years and no room for promotion
  7. Injury
  8. Sales targets increasing to unachievable ones
  9. Lack of motivation – stale
  10. Better competitor products

And the list goes on…………….

There are so many reasons why Nurses and Medical professionals want to become a Medical Rep, but once there and 5 years later, now much is written, thought about ‘the after’

We come across a wide range of Medical jobs that would be suitable for these tired or fed up Medical sales Reps and will give you some ideas in order to inspire you –

  1. A Medical Advisor for a Company – eg an Insurance Company
  2. Medical Research and Clinical Trials
  3. Clinic Nurses always need Commercial or Medical Sales experience as they are also a business trying to make money
  4. Medical Journalism
  5. Nurse Advisor/Nurse Trainer/Nurse Educator
  6. Setting up your own business in Medical Rep Training – egĀ  – www.medrep.ie
  7. Medical TV – ie extras and acting
  8. Medical Law
  9. Medical Recruitment eg – www.jackiebrownmedical.ie
  10. Switch from Medical Sales (Products and Devices) to Pharma Sales

Again, there are options out there and we find alot of Medical Sales Reps need to be re inspired as we all do once we have done something a long time and our ‘comfort zone’ is threatened –

It is very healthy and highly reccommended to stretch yourself and keep learning –

Whats next after Medical Sales? –

Lots of options, just open your mind to them

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