The Medical Sales Rep

The Medical Sales Rep

An Introduction to Medical Sales is essential if this is a career path you are considering.

What is Medical Sales?

Medical Sales is a process of selling (detailing) Pharaceuticals (Drugs) or Medical Devices/Products or equipment eg – Hospital beds or Intra venous catheters to Medical Professionals – eg – Doctors

This Medical Sales process usually takes place in a Clinical environment – ie Clinic, Hospital or GP Surgery.

It can also be in the Community to the Community Team of Allied Health Professionals – eg Dietitians.

What do I need to get in to Medical Sales?

  • A Medical qualification
  • A good knowledge of the working of a Hospital, in particular Procurement so you know how to get to the decision makers
  • A strong rapport with the Hospital Consultants – they are more likely to give you 5 minutes of their time if they know or trust you
  • A very professional edge – this is a cut throat sales environment
  • Nerves of steel – you are detailing to Doctors who are busy in Theatre/GP Practices and generally have a queue of patients to contend with – they are likely to cancel the Pharma or Medical Sales Rep at short notice regularly
  • When you do get in front of them – you had better know how to sell and do it quickly and effectively – time is a huge issue in this field
  • Knowledge – you need to know these products at least as well as the Doctors – preferrably better
  • Persistence – you get one chance – if you fluff it – you need to be patient and persistent in your approach while recognising the line of perstering and annoyance
  • Contacts – Medical Sales is all about ‘who you know’
  • An avid Medical Sales person preferrably with a strong Sales track record already in Medical Sales
  • A clean and full manual driving license

I could go on and on – suffice to say Medical Sales is not for the light hearted – if you do not have the above – be prepared for a long road of courses and Medical networking –

Once you get in – it is well worth the wait and effort

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