Rejection in Medical sales

Rejection in Medical sales

How do you handle rejection in Medical Sales?

Big question if this is your field or you are thinking of entering the Medical Sales arena.

Rejection is a human nature nightmare.

How do you handle being the one person no Doctor wants to see?

This is prevelant in a new Medical Sales job or if you are starting out as a Medical Rep when your Clients are not yet familiar with you so no rapport has been established.

At this stage, there is a high percentage of rejection – busy Theatre Lists, full GP waiting rooms etc

The job as a Medical Sales Rep initially is tough –

  1. 60% of the time on the road just trying to get to your Clients
  2. 30% of the time – Waiting – in Clinics/Waiting Rooms/Consultants Suites etc
  3. 10% on Admin/Report and just trying to secure Appointments with GP Receptionists or Consultants Secretaries etc
  4. Eventually, when you get to see the Doctor, after all that – he/she may then wave you away saying ‘too busy

How you deal with this dictate how successful you will be as a Medical Rep.

It needs to be understood as simply part of the job and the best way forward is using the 2 essential P’s in Medical Sales –

Patience and Persistence

  • Never take it personally
  • Show understanding to the Doctor – not frustration
  • Try and try again

This is the best way to handle rejection in Medical Sales

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