Sales Instincts

Sales Instincts

We hear about ‘instincts and intuition’ regularly within Medical Sales and post interviews.

A Sales process, rather like an interview process is always very important in terms of its outcome.

It will either mean money or a new job, or both!

As a result of this, the build up leading to an interview or Sales process is huge involving alot of preparing and research.

Generally, when a Medical Sales interview is over, women in particular have very accurate intuition in relation to the outcome which they are not always aware of.

Next time you complete a Medical Sales pitch or Medical Sales interview, when you come out of it, concentrate on how you ‘feel’ in your stomach, gut – can be referred to a the butterflies, elation or nervy jingles!

If the feeling is good – there is a high chance you have done well – if not……………. then probably not.

This is not to be confused with the head space and analytics which then start 30 mins after which start masking the initial post interview 30 second feeling and the doubt starts creeping in.

It is the ‘feeling’ that is your intuition and it is that you should listen to – particularly¬† women.

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