A clear and concise CV

A clear and concise CV

To get a job in Medical Sales, it is imperative you sharpen up your CV.

We have had 2 different occurences recently of Medical Device Companies rejecting CV’s based on having a short time allocated to the short lising process.

As a Medical Recruitment Agency, we are in the business of only sending relevant CV’s forward to Medical Companies for selection.

So, when they are rejected, our antannae go up and we go back to them to ask why and get feedback.

Only then do we find out that the CV’s rejected were not ‘relevant or sharp enough’ for them to see how suitable these Medical Sales Candidates were.

Unless you  shout from the roof tops and highlight your relevant experience in the first page of your CV – you are at risk of assumptions being made and the same happening to you.

Remember, Medcial Device Companies sometimes have a very short time to go through a large amount of CV’s to short list the most relevant.

On reflection of this, we now insist our Medical Sales Candidates show their most relevant experience clearly on the first page of their CV and sharpen their profile to emphasise their suitability for that particular job.

Of the ones rejected, once we highlighted their suitability to these Medical Companies, 4 of them then got short listed.

Not all Medical Recruitment Agencies will be so thorough and not all Medical Sales Candidates are with Agencies and may be finding themselves rejected with no back up.

When applying for any Medical Sales jobs – remember the following  –

  • Keep your CV short and precise
  • Keep it relevant to the job you are applying for
  • Your profile on the top of your CV is your key sellling opportunity – use it well and keep it factual
  • For Medical Sales, ensure your Sales figures/targets/achievements etc are all laid out clearly

To get a job in Medical Sales – sharpen your CV

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