Medical Sales interview

Medical Sales interview

The ultimate Medical Sales interview question –

The one that can land you that Medical Sales job or not?

Why should we pick you’?

Wow! – a very loaded question – the one that causes alot of Medical Sales interviewees to go off on a tangent or to clam up – neither is good

Ultimately, the interviewers are trying to put you to the test, they have seen your CV, met you and now want you to tell them they are making the right choice should they choose you.

This is your best chance to prove to them, you are absolutely and definitely the right person for this job –

When asked this question, remember the following –

  • Stay calm – count to 3, take a deep breath
  • Remember what job your are interviewing for and what the main requirements were
  • Remember who you are and why you are there
  • Outline succinctly combining the above 2, why you are the strongest contender
  • Do not bluff
  • Be factual – back everything you are saying up with evidence – examples
  • Smile
  • Be confident in your ability
  • Keep your head up

It is shocking how many Medical Sales interviewees hang themselves on this question –

Remember the above when answering the ultimate Medical Sales interview question and you wont go far wrong

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