Medical Device Sales Rep

Medical Device Sales Rep

Why cant I get a Medical Device Sales job if I am a GP Pharma Sales Rep?

Ah….., tough question, but one that crops up regularly in our field of Medical Recruitment

The following is a list of those reasons as quoted by our Medical Device Client Companies over the years –

  1. They have no Hospital exposure
  2. None of the Hospital Key Opinion Leaders – ie Procurement/Consultants know them
  3. They dont know the workings of a Hospital
  4. They can detail 7 times a day thier Pharma Portfolio to any GP and take 30 seconds to do it. Medical Device Sales is about a deeper relationship building Sales process that may involve standing along Surgeons in Scrubs in a Hospital Theatre for 4 hours
  5. It takes a different set of Sales techniques/skills to be a Medical Device Sales Specialist than a GP Rep – it is based on time and trust
  6. GP Reps works in the hours of GP’s and Pharmacists – the Medical Device Sales Rep works all the hours of a Hospital ie can do a 7am breakfast presentation in Cork University Hospital to the Consultants on one day and the next – be @ Waterford @ 8pm to meet the Night Staff
  7. It is a very different matter selling an Infusion Pump or Cardiac Catheter to a group of Nurse Managers then a drug to a GP

I hope this helps some of the frustrated GP Sales Reps out there who are trying hard to get in to the Medical Sales or Medical Device sector

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