How to deal with Medical Sales interview nerves

How to deal with Medical Sales interview nerves

Dealing with nerves in your Medical Sales interview is a tough issue.

We have recently had 2 unfortunate occasions where 2 Medical Sales Candidates (job seekers) fell down at their interview stage due to nerves and ultimately lost the job.

Very sad and what does one do?

This is a very natural phenomenon, being nervous before or during any interview – particularly if you really want the job.

So, how do you deal with this?

There is no guaranteed method of eradicating nerves altogether – as the saying goes –

‘It’s not being nervous that is the problem, it is how you deal with the nerves’

After all, some of the worlds best presenters get nervous, but they have a way of dealing with it.

Some tips which may help you at your next Medical Sales interview or Presentation –

  1. Know your stuff! – sounds simple – research has shown alot of people are nervous due to being afraid to be asked that one difficult question or something that may trip them up or they dont know – if you have researched your Company, Job Description, your CV exceptionally well, you will be well prepared and therefore less nervous
  2. Look the part – Dress smart – be smart
  3. Smile – amazingly powerful and effective in an interview – it warms the room up
  4. Breathe – more importantly – keep breathing – this is how the big wigs control their nerves – the art of controlled deep breathing
  5. Listen and hear – 2 very different things – to actively listen is much harder then to just hear – listen to the question being asked – slow down and count to 3 before jumping in with an answer
  6. Positive body language – the classic – alot of HR people can be quite expert at reading body language – so ensure yours is open, warm and engaging – ie open palms, head up, sit up, dont cross either arms or legs, tilt head when listening and again, the all important one – smile at every opportunity
  7. The competition – forget it! – this is something out of your control – you have no idea how many more Medical Sales Reps there are for interview against you and who cares? – what will it change? what can you do about it? – nothing, so dont waste any time on this one
  8. Knowledge is key – always – prepare, research and prepare again
  9. Interview yourself in a mirror – simple yet effective – watch your body language – see how you come across to others – no lesson like this one
  10. Arrange a mock interview – preferrably with your Medical Recruiter or someone who will not have you giggling – someone who will take helping you nail this Medical Sales job seriously

Do remember these tips when dealing with nerves in your Medical Sales interview

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