Driving is 80% of a Medical Sales job
Driving is 80% of a Medical Sales job
Do I need a driving license to get a job in Medical Sales?
We are surprised at the amount of times we get asked that question.
The answer is a plain and simple –
You cannot do a Medical Sales job without driving and for driving, you need a full and clean driving license!
80% of the job of a Medical Sales Rep job is being on the road.
Medical Device Companies also prefer experienced drivers over those who have just passed their test.
You need to be a competent driver.
A Medical Sales job has a territory – this is the area you sell or ‘detail’ into – eg:
For a GP Pharma Sales Rep, they may have Dublin 6, 8, 10 and 12
For a Medical Device Sales Rep, you generally have a Provence – ie Leinster
For Medical Equipment or Product Sales, you may have 6 counties divided across 2 Provences – ie South Leinster and Munster etc
So, in a nutshell, for a Medical Sales Rep job, you need a full and clean (preferrably manual) driving license

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