Medical Recruitment

Medical Recruitment

Would a Medical Sales Rep make a good Medical Recruiter?

HMMmmmm…… good question!

Yes and no –

A Medical Sales Rep could be a fabulous Medical Recruiter for the following reasons –




  1. Medical contacts within the industry
  2. Having done the job as a Medical Sales Rep ensures an understanding for Medical Sales Recruiting and the language
  3. A Medical Sales Rep will have excellent IT reporting skills, also important in Medical Recruitment
  4. A Medical Sales Rep will have exceptional listening and understanding skills, essential for both Clients and Candidates in Medical Recruitment
  5. A Medical Sales Rep will have experience in presenting to Hospitals and Medical Clients
  6. A strong sense of business acumen and professionalism
  7. Sales experience and understanding the Sales process
  8. An understanding of the importance of gaining trust and not ever making false promises or give unrealistic expectations
  9. Getting out and about to interract face to face with customers
  10. Knowing how to read people and build rapport

A Medical Sales Rep may not make the best Medical Recruiter for the following reasons –

  1. Being used to being on the road and out and about – Medical Recruitment tends to be alot more office based
  2. This is Sales of people’s skills/experience etc rather then Products
  3. Basic salaries are lower in Medical Recruitment
  4. It is rare for a Medical Recruiter to get a Company Credit Card, trips abroad or a Company car

In summation, it seems there are more reasons for then against whether a Medical Sales Rep could be an excellent Medical Recruiter –

Hmmmm, food for thought……….


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