Nurses in Medical Sales

Nurses in Medical Sales

We get asked this question very frequently in our day to day job in Medical Recruitment.

Medical Sales is a huge part of what we do and so is Nursing Recruitment, so it seems a reasonable question.


The answer, for the most part is YES!

The main reason?

Empathy and listening skills


A Nurse generally has above average communication skills with a unique ability to read body language and listen

We learn this so we can understand our patients needs when they cannot communicate to us.

Empathy is at the core of what a Nurse does.

Successful sales is all about the ability to listen, understand, read body language and know what someone wants before they know

The only down side for a Nurse is the wish to care Рin sales, while this is important, the bottom line is money and this can take a Nurse some time to get their head around.

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