A career in Wound Care Sales in Ireland?

A career in Wound Care Sales in Ireland?

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Wound Management Association of Ireland

Wound Management Association of Ireland

If you are seeking a career in Wound Care Sales in Ireland, you will need to be aware of the WMAI – the Wound Management Association of Ireland.

For Medical Sales Reps or Medical Device Sales Reps in Ireland, there is always an Association affiliated to your Speciality Therapuetic Area and it is essential you are aware of them or a member.

In particular, as we generally have Wound Care Sales Rep jobs in Ireland, it is one of our speciality areas.

The Wound Management Association of Ireland was established in May 1996 by a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals interested in raising the profile of wound care within Ireland.

They are a voluntary organisation who’s main objectives are –

  • To promote a multi-professional approach to Wound Management
  • To promote the highest standard of Wound Management through education
  • To promote research into all aspects of Wound Management
  • To disseminate reports and publications relating to the work of the association

For further information on the WMAI, go to –


Dealing with nerves in your Medical Sales interview

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How to deal with Medical Sales interview nerves

How to deal with Medical Sales interview nerves

Dealing with nerves in your Medical Sales interview is a tough issue.

We have recently had 2 unfortunate occasions where 2 Medical Sales Candidates (job seekers) fell down at their interview stage due to nerves and ultimately lost the job.

Very sad and what does one do?

This is a very natural phenomenon, being nervous before or during any interview – particularly if you really want the job.

So, how do you deal with this?

There is no guaranteed method of eradicating nerves altogether – as the saying goes –

‘It’s not being nervous that is the problem, it is how you deal with the nerves’

After all, some of the worlds best presenters get nervous, but they have a way of dealing with it.

Some tips which may help you at your next Medical Sales interview or Presentation –

  1. Know your stuff! – sounds simple – research has shown alot of people are nervous due to being afraid to be asked that one difficult question or something that may trip them up or they dont know – if you have researched your Company, Job Description, your CV exceptionally well, you will be well prepared and therefore less nervous
  2. Look the part – Dress smart – be smart
  3. Smile – amazingly powerful and effective in an interview – it warms the room up
  4. Breathe – more importantly – keep breathing – this is how the big wigs control their nerves – the art of controlled deep breathing
  5. Listen and hear – 2 very different things – to actively listen is much harder then to just hear – listen to the question being asked – slow down and count to 3 before jumping in with an answer
  6. Positive body language – the classic – alot of HR people can be quite expert at reading body language – so ensure yours is open, warm and engaging – ie open palms, head up, sit up, dont cross either arms or legs, tilt head when listening and again, the all important one – smile at every opportunity
  7. The competition – forget it! – this is something out of your control – you have no idea how many more Medical Sales Reps there are for interview against you and who cares? – what will it change? what can you do about it? – nothing, so dont waste any time on this one
  8. Knowledge is key – always – prepare, research and prepare again
  9. Interview yourself in a mirror – simple yet effective – watch your body language – see how you come across to others – no lesson like this one
  10. Arrange a mock interview – preferrably with your Medical Recruiter or someone who will not have you giggling – someone who will take helping you nail this Medical Sales job seriously

Do remember these tips when dealing with nerves in your Medical Sales interview

Do I need a driving license to work in Medical Sales?

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Driving is 80% of a Medical Sales job
Driving is 80% of a Medical Sales job
Do I need a driving license to get a job in Medical Sales?
We are surprised at the amount of times we get asked that question.
The answer is a plain and simple –
You cannot do a Medical Sales job without driving and for driving, you need a full and clean driving license!
80% of the job of a Medical Sales Rep job is being on the road.
Medical Device Companies also prefer experienced drivers over those who have just passed their test.
You need to be a competent driver.
A Medical Sales job has a territory – this is the area you sell or ‘detail’ into – eg:
For a GP Pharma Sales Rep, they may have Dublin 6, 8, 10 and 12
For a Medical Device Sales Rep, you generally have a Provence – ie Leinster
For Medical Equipment or Product Sales, you may have 6 counties divided across 2 Provences – ie South Leinster and Munster etc
So, in a nutshell, for a Medical Sales Rep job, you need a full and clean (preferrably manual) driving license

Medical Technology facts in Ireland

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MedTech in Ireland

MedTech in Ireland

Some key Irish Medtech facts/ figures:

  • There are currently 250 medical technology companies in Ireland, exporting €7.2b worth of product annually and employing 25,000 people – the highest number of people working in the industry in any country in Europe, per head of population.
  • Exports of medical devices and diagnostics products now represent 8% of Ireland’s total merchandise exports; and growth prospects for the industry globally remain good.
  • Many of the world’s top medical technology companies have invested significantly in Ireland and a number of exciting, research-based, indigenous companies are emerging and competing internationally.
  • 50% of the companies in the sector are indigenous (ref Enterprise Ireland)
  • The Irish government has identified the medical technology sector as one of the key drivers of industrial growth for the future and provides a wide range of supports to encourage and foster this growth.
  • The medical technology industry in Ireland is changing from being prominently manufacturing to being more complex and driven by R&D. It now involves intensive collaboration between a broad range of partners, including research institutions, clinicians, manufacturing companies and government agencies..

The ultimate Medical Sales interview question

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Medical Sales interview

Medical Sales interview

The ultimate Medical Sales interview question –

The one that can land you that Medical Sales job or not?

Why should we pick you’?

Wow! – a very loaded question – the one that causes alot of Medical Sales interviewees to go off on a tangent or to clam up – neither is good

Ultimately, the interviewers are trying to put you to the test, they have seen your CV, met you and now want you to tell them they are making the right choice should they choose you.

This is your best chance to prove to them, you are absolutely and definitely the right person for this job –

When asked this question, remember the following –

  • Stay calm – count to 3, take a deep breath
  • Remember what job your are interviewing for and what the main requirements were
  • Remember who you are and why you are there
  • Outline succinctly combining the above 2, why you are the strongest contender
  • Do not bluff
  • Be factual – back everything you are saying up with evidence – examples
  • Smile
  • Be confident in your ability
  • Keep your head up

It is shocking how many Medical Sales interviewees hang themselves on this question –

Remember the above when answering the ultimate Medical Sales interview question and you wont go far wrong

Why cant I get a Medical Device Sales job if I am a GP Pharma Rep?

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Medical Device Sales Rep

Medical Device Sales Rep

Why cant I get a Medical Device Sales job if I am a GP Pharma Sales Rep?

Ah….., tough question, but one that crops up regularly in our field of Medical Recruitment

The following is a list of those reasons as quoted by our Medical Device Client Companies over the years –

  1. They have no Hospital exposure
  2. None of the Hospital Key Opinion Leaders – ie Procurement/Consultants know them
  3. They dont know the workings of a Hospital
  4. They can detail 7 times a day thier Pharma Portfolio to any GP and take 30 seconds to do it. Medical Device Sales is about a deeper relationship building Sales process that may involve standing along Surgeons in Scrubs in a Hospital Theatre for 4 hours
  5. It takes a different set of Sales techniques/skills to be a Medical Device Sales Specialist than a GP Rep – it is based on time and trust
  6. GP Reps works in the hours of GP’s and Pharmacists – the Medical Device Sales Rep works all the hours of a Hospital ie can do a 7am breakfast presentation in Cork University Hospital to the Consultants on one day and the next – be @ Waterford @ 8pm to meet the Night Staff
  7. It is a very different matter selling an Infusion Pump or Cardiac Catheter to a group of Nurse Managers then a drug to a GP

I hope this helps some of the frustrated GP Sales Reps out there who are trying hard to get in to the Medical Sales or Medical Device sector

Seeking an outstanding Wound Care Medical Sales Rep for Dublin

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Wound Care Sales

Wound Care Sales

We have a fabulous opportunity just in for an experienced Medical Sales Rep with Medical Product or Medical Device Sales experience in Ireland.

About the Company –

This is a world leading Medical Device Company well known for its outstanding reputation in Wound Care

About you

  1. A Registered General Nurse
  2. An experienced Medical Product or Medical Device Sales Rep in Ireland
  3. Living in Dublin
  4. A strong passion and knowledge for Wound Care
  5. A self starter
  6. A motivated and sincere person

About the Wound Care Sales job

This Wound Care Sales Rep is responsible for driving the territory sales performance and ensuring optimum outcomes with Wound Care products both for patients & clinicians through a combination of the following
•    Execution of direct promotional activities such as one-one calls & group presentations/meetings with the main customer groups – surgical teams, key nursing & finance personnel
•    Delivering a Wound Care product specialist service by educating all stakeholders on the optimum use, clinical & economic benefits of the wound care products
•    You will be fully involved in supporting the seamless transfer of patients from the acute to the home setting ensuring that all stakeholders have the necessary procedural & clinical know how to ensure optimum treatment outcomes for the patient.
•    Executing all duties to the highest standard in line with the Company marketing strategy and company policies & procedures


South Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare

Whats in it for you?

  1. A generous basic salary reflective on your experience
  2. A bonus scheme
  3. Full Training
  4. Full support
  5. A full and comprehensive benefits package
  6. This is a full time and permenant Medical Device Sales job

For more details on this Medical Device Sales job or to apply – click here

Medical Sales Rep Training

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MedRep Training

MedRep Training

Medical Sales Rep Training is a must for todays successful Medical Sales Representatives in Ireland.

We are asked frequently how do we get trained and who do we recommend?

The how is related to if you have just started in Medical Sales or in it a while.

Most Medical Device Companies nowadays send their Medical Sales Reps on courses and specific Medical Device Sales training.

If you are starting out, it is strongly advisable to have a good solid course under your belt as this is also a way of convincing interviewers you are totally committed to getting in.

To get a Medical Sales job, you should have a Medical sales Training course.

The most highly recommended course in Ireland is the MedRep course –


Specific to the industry and packed with experience, the MedRep Trainers are reputable and well respected in Ireland.

In order to qualify for one of their courses, you must have a relevant background.

For Medical Sales Training in Ireland, they are the experts.

Managing your Medical Sales interview technique

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Medical Sales interview

Medical Sales interview

Managing your Medical Sales interview technique SHOULD be relatively easy for Medical Sales Reps and those heading down the path of Medical Sales.


Because an interview is a Sales process and if this is what you do for a living, you have an advantage at interview over all other Medical Professionals as you are a Sales person

Take a look at the similarities –

To be successful in Medical Sales you need the following –

  1. The ability to listen, not to be confused with the ability to hear – we all hear – but what do we really hear? – active listening skills is a key skill required for success in Sales
  2. The ability to demonstrate something rather then ‘tell’ something
  3. The ability to go and find the right person to talk to in order to sell – ie research your Key Opinion Leaders
  4. The knowledge of all competitors
  5. The ability to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of your Company and Product Portfolio
  6. The ability to ‘go the extra mile’
  7. Making and seeking the relevant contacts in your Medical Sales field and all the patience that involves
  8. Time management – essential
  9. The ability to get up and sell something/present a Medical Product effectively in a short time
  10. Resistence, the ‘go getter’  – persistence
  11. Maintaining a sharp and professional appearance
  12. The ability to prioritise
  13. Keeping a sense of humour
  14. The ability to take rejection, if at first you dont succeed, try and try again……….

The list could go on.

If you look back at this list, it is 80% of the pre interview preparation and coaching we give to our job seekers in the Medical Profession.

Medical Sales Reps already know how to manage their interview technique.

To be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep?

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To be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep?

To be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep?

To be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep?

The milion Euro question floating around Medical Recruitment Candidate circuits recently.

With all the recent changes over the last 2 years within Ireland Health Care – primarily the increase in Private and the HSE restrictions, this is a serious question to be considered for anyone looking to commence a career as a Medical Sales Representative.

To help answer this question, I will outline all the criteria now sought in 2012 in Ireland by Medical Companies when they are looking to recruit a Medcial Sales Rep –

  1. Medical Sales experience? – oh oh I hear you say – ‘how can I start a career in Medical Sales and already have the experience’? – good question and rather self answering – unfortunately, this is the first thing a Medical company will seek – good old fashioned Medical Sales experience – the day of the ‘Rookie’ is long gone
  2. A relevant Medical or Life Science Degree – this is essential. Some Companies will still consider relevant Business degrees.
  3. Relevant contacts in the Industry – ie Hospital exposure – it is very hard to knock on Hospital Theatre doors if nobody has ever met you or heard of you – in Ireland, it is all about contacts. This is not just about getting to the Theatre Sisters or Hospital Surgeons – Procurement is now equally important
  4. Territory knowledge – you need to know your territory – eg – Leinster Hospitals – how to plan them, get around them and get in front of all the Key Decision Makers (KDM’s) to make a sale
  5. Flexibility – this is NOT a 9-5 job – you need the flexibility to be able to present @ a Consultant breakfast meeting in the Beaumont Hospital @ 7am and may need that evening to present @ 8pm in Blackrock Clinic for the Night Staff  – you have to be married to this job, at least initially for the first year or two until you have mastered your Hospitals
  6. Knowldege – as in most things in life – knowledge is key – you need to know your Medical Product Portfolio at least as well as the Doctors you are detailing (selling) in to, if not, better
  7. You need to be comfortable in your own skin – this is a job that requires alot of time on your own, driving, in traffic or in waiting rooms – this is not the career for the ‘lonely’ type of person
  8. You need to be an out and out Professional – this is a highly professional selling environment and you do not want to be caught hanging around Hospital corridors exposed as anything then a Professional – this is down to how you look and how you come across
  9. You need to be able to have exceptional communication skills (yawn – I have heard this one before) In Medical Sales, communication skills means a uniques ability to listen twice as much as you talk – you need to be able to quickly assess your Clients needs rather then shove your Products down their throat
  10. Patience and Persistence – if you dont have them – forget it
  11. Competitor awareness – you need to know what the other side is offering and what you are up against
  12. Prioritising and organisational skills – again, these are not to be under stated – the ability to spend most of your time doing the things that will help relationship building turn in to sales is far more important then spending days on exceptional Office reports

Ths list is exhaustive and I could go on and on, but in short, if you do not possess all of the above, or at least 8 of them – have a think about another career rather then Medcial Sales.

It is tough and competitive and currently in Ireland, there are more experienced Medical Sales Reps then there are jobs.

So think long and hard before deciding ‘to be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep’