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CV Do Not’s when applying for that Medical Sales job

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When preparing your CV for your next Medical Sales job – be very wise with your wording. The Do’s and Dont’s of expressions used on CV’s ‘Best of breed’, ‘go-getter’ and ‘think outside the box’ are the worst terms to include on a CV because they don’t convey real information,

CV Profile essential

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For anybody out there seeking a job currently, a CV Profile is essential. This is a 5 line paragraph on the top of your CV which is the introduction to you. Whether you are seeking a Medical Sales job or any other job, this is critical. It is essential to have

Beware of the CV snatchers!

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We must warn all Medical Sales job seekers to watch your CV and be aware of the CV snatchers! We have written about this before but it seems this element of bad Recruitment Practice continues. It is a legal obligation for a Recruitment Agency to ask for your consent before