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How do I start in Medical Sales?

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How do I start in Medical Sales? This is a question we are asked so many times every day as Specialist Medical Recruiters. There is no doubt it has got a lot harder to enter in to the world of Medical Sales in the last 5 years, however, some things

The essential 5 P’s for Medical Sales

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In order to get in to Medical Sales and to become a successful Medical Sales Representative, the following 5 P’s are essential – Patience – there are currently more experienced Medical Sales Reps in Ireland then jobs, so you must be patient Persistence – if at first you don’t succeed,

To be or not to be a Medical Sales Rep?

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We often get asked what it takes to become a Medical Sales Rep? The following is a list of current essential skills to become a Medical Sales Rep – A Medical qualification Medical contacts in Hospitals or Community Strong proven sales track record – preferrably in the Medical arena A