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Medical Device Sales -Neurovascular – Dublin

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Medical Devices-Neurovascular Sales job- Territory Manager-ROI An exciting new opportunity to work in Neurovascular arena. This job is a new sales role in prestigious Medical Device company in Ireland. Neurovascular is a growing area within Irish Healthcare and contributing to better mortality and morbidity. Join this innovative Medical Device company

Do I need a driving license to work in Medical Sales?

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Driving is 80% of a Medical Sales job Do I need a driving license to get a job in Medical Sales? We are surprised at the amount of times we get asked that question. The answer is a plain and simple – YES! You cannot do a Medical Sales job

Medical Sales Rep Training

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Medical Sales Rep Training is a must for todays successful Medical Sales Representatives in Ireland. We are asked frequently how do we get trained and who do we recommend? The how is related to if you have just started in Medical Sales or in it a while. Most Medical Device

How do I get in to Medical Sales?

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How do I get in to Medical Sales? This is a question we are asked many times a day, one which any good Medical Recruiter should be able to answer. Not an easy one to answer either as it depends on each individual asking. In a nutshell, getting a job

It’s encouraging news for Medical Device Companies in Ireland

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Some key Irish Medtech facts/ figures: There are currently 250 medical technology companies in Ireland, exporting €7.2b worth of product annually and employing 25,000 people – the highest number of people working in the industry in any country in Europe, per head of population. Exports of medical devices and diagnostics

Would you believe it?

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Would you believe it? There are Medical Sales Reps out there who will allow one person’s opinion dictate their career while seeking a new Medical sales job! Twice recently I have had conversations with Medical Sales job seekers who were not interested in having their CV sent to 2 different